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How ExactSpy Phone Spy App Works?

Keeping an eye on someone seems to be a painstakingly hard job, doesn’t it? If you wanted to monitor someone, you would most probably do one of the following things:

Splurge on expensive surveillance equipment
Hire a costly private investigator
Follow them around
Go through their stuff
Interrogate their friends
But you know these methods would cost too much and take too long with no guarantee of results…

Or you could just grab their cell phone and go through it as you know that their phone is the most likely place to find all the information you need.

But you know that’s practically impossible to do.

Well, not anymore. With ExactSpy, the most powerful cell phone spy software, you could be monitoring their phone remotely and invisibly, within minutes and at the cost of a cup of coffee a day!

Is it magic? No, it’s just really good technology and here’s how it works:

1. How to Get Started

The first thing you need to do is make sure that ExactSpy works on the phone you want to monitor. ExactSpy works on all versions of Android, iOS and on all networks. You can go to our Compatible Phones page to have a look at a list of all phones that ExactSpy works on.

Once you know that the phone you want to monitor is compatible with ExactSpy, you can simply complete the purchase process. Find out how by checking out the How to Buy ExactSpy page.

After buying a ExactSpy subscription, you will need to install it into the phone you want to monitor. You can find out about the simple installation process by going to the How to Install ExactSpy page.

2. How it Works

After installing ExactSpy, the entire phone data is uploaded onto our servers. It takes approximately 30 minutes for the first time. After that, any new data update is uploaded in real time.

Your entire settings and preferences, along with the target phone’s data is saved on the ExactSpy Server. It gathers all the data from the target phone and uploads it as soon as any new phone activity takes place.

All the monitoring data, with logs and details, can be accessed any time my logging into member area.

3. How to Control

You can send commands the member area to control the target phone, such as backup and wipe phone date, pause application.
All your desired settings and preferences are then recorded into ExactSpy Servers order to perform in accodance with your given command.

The Servers re-direct your commands to the target phone for execution.

4. Quick Tour

ExactSpy does it better than the rest! You can even send a command from ExactSpy to the target phone and operate the phone remotely

Login to ExactSpy:

Login to ExactSpy to access all the monitored data. Enter your username and password and click on ‘sign in’ to continue.


The dashboard reveals tabs for Call Log, SMS Log, Emails, Geo Location etc. lined on the left side of the screen. Each tab contains monitored data uploaded from the phone related to the relevant feature.

Call Log:

By clicking on Call Log, you will be able to view all the call records, with the contact’s name, number and other details.

SMS Log:

By clicking on the ‘SMS Log’, you can view all the text records against the sender and the receiver’s name, along with date/time.

Email Log:

You can view all the email messages with subject, email address, date/time and size and also see if there is any attachment along with an email.


The contacts list reveals all the saved contacts in the target phone with name, number, email address(es) and additional numbers, if any


Every bookmarked website or webpage in your target’s phone browser can be viewed with visiting details.

Browsing History:

You can access the entire Internet browsing history with the visited URLs with date and number of visits mentioned against each entry.

Recorded Calls:

This section contains all the recorded calls with details for every call made or received on the monitored phone.


You can view all the appointments and details made by your target in this section.


You can view all the photos stored in the target phone in the form of thumbnails. Once you click on your selected image, it will open as a full-sized photo.


Here, you can view all the video files uploaded from the monitored phone.


All the music files stored within your target phone are uploaded here.

Geo Location:

The current Geo Location of your target phone can be seen in addition to a history of their GPS location.

Geo Tracking:

You can check out the entire location history, including address and other details of your target. All the visited locations are pinpointed on a web map.

iMessage Chat:

Here you can view all the chat conversations happening on the IPhone Chat iMessage

Triggers Contacts:

Here, you add all your trigger contacts and active/deactive the contact, depending on your requirement.

Trigger SMS And Triggers Emails:

You can add trigger words for SMS, emails and email addresses here and active/deactivate them, depending on your requirement.

Remote Control:

You can give various commands to the target phone from this section. In any case, these features don’t work, you can send an SMS command to the monitored device to perform the functions.


Account maintains data for your user profile. You can easily change any information from this section by clicking on ‘edit’.

Customer Support:

In case of any queries or technical assistance, simply submit a ticket or write your question in the given space..


Easy Logger App

Choose your Package and Pay it

  • You should purchase a licence to get all features are available on ExactSpy at:

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  • ExactSpy get all information for you. You can see online that information on our Secure Online Control Panel


Track Text Messages

Download app and Active account on device

After you have completed your payment, you will receive confirmation email and it contains the following information:

  • Link of user manual includes articles and videos.
  • Link to download ExactSpy app.
  • Username / password to active on device and login to online control panel.
  • Secret key.
  • Active on target device and choose hide app if you’d like to hide the phone tracker app from user view.


Track Phone Calls

Access and get information

Just login on the online control panel to pick the options you need to track the phone, log phone calls, track text messages, track location, track app usage,…

Well, you can get information from a cell phone. Enjoy!

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