Download a mobile tracker software on android


Download a mobile tracker software on android

Download a mobile tracker software on android

Download a mobile tracker software on android
You’ve recently gifted an android smartphone to a young kid. While you are thrilled by the happiness it brings to his face, you would also be equally worried about the peril it can cause if abused. With a smartphone in his hand, a kid is exposed to the world of unlimited information. However, there is no way to filter this information so that it is appropriate for his age and understanding. Young minds are inquisitive; they have an undying quest to seek information in whatever way it comes. Often, this trait if not channeled properly can lead to peril.
To overcome this problem, it is best that you download a mobile tracker software on the android smartphone before handling it over to the kid. This software lets you track almost everything in the device – from GPS location to Whatsapp messages. This would also be instrumental in locating a lost or misplaced android device. One such mobile tracker software for android smartphones is ExactSpy. To get it functional, you have to just download the app to the Android device and configure it before gifting it. Once the configuration has been completed successfully, you can easily track the activities on the Android smartphone easily from a remote device which can either be a computer, another smartphone or a tablet.
How to download the mobile tracker software:-
Before you proceed with the download, you need to be aware the certain settings of the android operating system have to be suppressed as otherwise the user would come to know that this great mobile tracker software is installed in the device. The steps are quite simple and can be done in a few minute’s time.
1. Change the security settings of your mobile to allow installation from sources other than the Play Store. This can be done by going to the Settings -> Security options in the android smartphone. If you are using a version of Android that is 5.0 or higher, you should also turn off the “Scan device for security threats” and “Improve harmful app detection”.
2. Ensure that the android smartphone is connected to the Internet either via WiFi or a data connection. Then download the mobile tracker app from
3. Download the app and install it. Once installed go ahead and register. Also, click on “Hide Icon ExactSpy” to prevent the user of the installed device from knowing that this mobile tracker software is installed.

mobile tracker software free download for android

Monitoring using the mobile tracker software:-
The device on which the ExactSpy mobile tracker software is installed can be easily monitored from another device (another smartphone, tablet or computer) by configuring the required services to be tracked and then just using the web control panel.
1. To start monitoring the device on another smartphone or computer just log in to the control panel ( from a browser.
2. Go to Settings > Sync Settings and choose the services you wish to monitor. Once this is done, you can log on to the control panel any time and view the information.
Now you’ve ready to monitor the activities on the android smartphone using the mobile tracker software – ExactSpy.

You Can Download: Download a mobile tracker software on android

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