Kuv xav kom cov neeg soj xyuas rau kuv poj niam tus xov tooj ntawm tes nrhiav dawb


Kuv xav kom cov neeg soj xyuas rau kuv poj niam tus xov tooj ntawm tes nrhiav dawb

Kuv xav kom cov neeg soj xyuas rau kuv poj niam tus xov tooj ntawm tes nrhiav dawb

Spy On My Wife’s Cell Phone Tracking Free

Spy On My Wife’s Cell Phone Tracking Free

Yog koj tus poj niam muaj ib smartphone uas khiav rau hauv, iOS no., Kuv yeej yuav pab tau koj rau hauv no. It can be extremely likely that her cellular phone has these OS. Now allow us to see tips on how to spy on her cellphone without holding her cell phone.

What you need to do is obtain the paid for exactspy application off their official web site. Thaum koj muaj downloaded tau app tus koj nyuam qhuav yuav tsum nruab ib nws nyiag rau koj tus poj niam tus xov tooj thiab cov app no yuav ua txhua yam rau koj tam sim no.

After Put in exactspy will cover up by itself and send out every one of the info on the web which you may logon to your exactspy and look at.

How to spy on my wife’s cell phone tracking free

Singer doubts that everyone is using these kinds of apps in the way they are designed, although it’s standard for big companies to store this kind of information for company computer and phones equipment. exactspy could be saved on Google android. Txawm li cas los, it isn’t available in Apple’s App Store and, yog li no, yeej tsuas muab downloaded hauv "jailbroken" iPhones, uas tso cai rau cov neeg mus download tau cov kev pab cuam tsis tsi los kua.

How to spy on your wife’s cell phone tracking free – Highlights of exactspy

Lots of features are offered through the cellphone spy mobile app

1. Keep track of Global positioning system Location

TheTrustSpy can be established to path Gps navigation spot of your respective target mobile phone. Nrhiav kom paub tias yog koj tus tub yog qhov twg nws yuav tsum tau los yog koj ho yog tiag tiag hauv lub tsheb jam.

2. Khiav sms lus

This cell phone keeping track of computer software enables you to read through all text message multimedia and messages information sent or acquired with the focus on phone end user. They can be presented for fast observing even though deletion.

3. Keep track of phone calls

TheTrustSpy lets you view all incoming/outgoing phone calls with their timeframe and timestamp. Tseem, this cellular keeping track of software might be set up to document phone calls intended to or from your predefined quantity. You won’t miss a bit!

– Neeg soj xyuas hu

Phone Saving

4. Kev siv Internet saib

Perspective all Web addresses been to from the consumer in cell phone internet browser. Los ntawm kev tshawb ntawm lawv cov keeb kwm browsing, • ntsuam li cas tsuav yog mus txog hauv internet.

5. Address Guide

Check out each and every get in touch with entered into the device street address publication and monitor each event from the phone’s schedule.

6. Read through Fast Communications

Use this attribute to document activities from WhatsApp, Skype and iMessage and Viber text messaging professional services used on the marked telephone. Watch over Social Network chats and learn how usually and what the goal telephone customer is text messaging about.

– Neeg soj xyuas Whatsapp

– Neeg soj xyuas Viber

– Neeg soj xyuas Skype

– Neeg soj xyuas Fb

7. Ambient Recording or Stay Music

Listen and record encircling cell phone.

8. Look at Multi-media Documents

This portable security software allows you to see any photos and videos that were protected in the objective phone. Each and every time your kids or employee information a relevant video or requires a picture with their digital camera phone, it will likely be right away uploaded to your TheTrustSpy accounts.

9. Handheld Control

With cell phones being typically misplaced or stolen, info theft is getting quite common. Koj ua kom tej ntaub ntawv tsis poob rau hauv lub tes tsis ncaj ncees lawm, remotely erasing koj tej ntaub ntawv xov tooj phiaj los txhav tas tus ntaus ntawv.

10. Tsom xam nws

You can create this cellphone monitoring software program to produce comprehensive records around the focus on phone use. Use this feature if you need to track and control many cell phones at once.

exactspy, it is really an app designed for organisations and mother and father. It includes a big disclaimer: “exactspyis for tracking your staff, young children or other people over a mobile phone or smartphone that you just own or have suitable permission to check.”

How to spy on my wifes cell phone

How to spy on my wifes cell phone

Siv neeg soj xyuas Software exactspy: Ib qho yooj yim Spy On My Wife’s Cell Phone Tracking Free
Koj nyuam qhuav yuav tau ua dab ces yog:
1. Mus saib tau lub exactspy- thiab muas lub software.
2. Download tau daim ntawv thov mus rau hauv lub xov tooj uas koj yuav tau saib xyuas.
3. Saib cov ntaub ntawv ntawm tus xov tooj hauv tej dais uas muaj Internet kev twb kev txuas.

Nrog exactspy- Spy On My Wife’s Cell Phone Tracking Free koj yuav tau:
• Saib hu
• Khiav phau ntawv lus
• Nyeem emails
• Khiav GPS qhov chaw
• Saib Internet siv
• Mus saib daim thiab nyob hauv phau ntawv
• Nyeem Instant lus
• Daim ntawv ncig
• Tswj Apps thiab cov kev pab cuam
• Saib Multimedia ntaub ntawv
• Yuav muaj chaw taws teeb tswj ntawm tus xov tooj thiab ntau tshaj...

You CAn Download :”Kuv xav kom cov neeg soj xyuas rau kuv poj niam tus xov tooj ntawm tes nrhiav dawb

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