Best Free Cell Phone Spy App For Android My Employee


Best Free Cell Phone Spy App For Android My Employee

Best Free Cell Phone Spy App For Android My Employee

Best Free Cell Phone Spy App For Android

안드로이드에 대한 최고의 무료 휴대 전화 스파이 앱

exactspy - 최고의 안드로이드에 대한 무료 휴대 전화 스파이 앱 is the first spy application for Android smartphones and tablets. It is absolutely free.

The application works completely hidden and gives no indication of its presence. The user cannot see that the application is installed or that it is currently running.

Once the application is installed you will have control over the device from your. The application collects data from the target devices and periodically tries to send this data to your Private Area. When sending images and videos to your Private Area only WiFi connections will be used which guarantees that no Mobile Internet from the Service Carrier will be used and thus no big monthly bills will be generated.

All communications are made over secured channels by the industry standard SSL/TLS, and all stored information is encrypted which guarantees that the only one who has access to your data is you.

위치 추적
Just login to your exactspy and track their cell phone location remotely.

See the entire travel routes of your children or your employees and know exactly where and when they have been.

You will be able to find your lost phone if you ever lost it because the application will constantly send information on the current location on the device. Even if your phone has been stolen you will be able to locate your stolen phone and get it back.

View multimedia files
Are you worried about what kind of images your kids are taking? Maybe their amateur camera work might have gone too far? Do you want to see all the photos your employees have taken?

exactspy - 최고의 안드로이드에 대한 무료 휴대 전화 스파이 앱 lets you view all taken, copied and downloaded images.

All photos are uploaded to your Private Area. There you can store an unlimited number of images. The images taken to your Private Area will remain there even if they are deleted on the target cell phone or tablet.

View entire contact lists
View all the contacts in their contact book. You can see their names, 전화 번호, 이메일, websites and more. You can also see their addresses and in which companies they work. You will easily search for unknown and suspicious people in the cell phone contacts book.

Backup cell phone contacts easily or access them from any place. You will have access to the entire contacts book even when the user has deleted their contacts from the cell phone.

Device Info Overview
exactspy - 최고의 안드로이드에 대한 무료 휴대 전화 스파이 앱 will not only track and monitor the target cell phone, but it will also collect information about the target cell phone on which it is installed.

If you wish you will be able to view the number of cell phone, the operating system it is running. Check the total and free disk space available on your cell phone. You will even be able to find out the location of the cell phone according to the operators network information – no GPS is required for this type of cell phone tracking. Other details like SIM serial number, serial number of cell phone and much more are also available!

exactspy has very strict standards when it comes to security and keeping your data completely safe.

One of our base principles is to use data encryption. exactspy will immediately encrypt all the data collected from your device and then send it to your Private Area. For additional security, our system will store your data on an encrypted storage. The only way to access your data is to log into your Private Area by using your email and password. It is a good idea to change your password from time to time.

The whole communication is encrypted with the industry standard SSL/TLS, which means that no third parties can view the transferred data at any time. Your data is protected from ISPs or telecoms and nobody but you can access it. The communicated data is stored on an encrypted storage.

To ensure even higher security, we are using our own secured co-location facility in which we operate our servers.

We are an exception from the general rule that the free services do not offer or offer very poor support. We are a free service, we offer support and we offer quality.

We constantly update the information on this website and try to make it as user-friendly and informative as possible. One of the sources of this information is based on the questions you ask. Usually a question is asked just one time from our users before the question and the solution to it are uploaded in the FAQs.

Even though there is a lot of information on this website you may not find what you need. If this is the case, please contact us through the Online Chat for support.

If the Online Chat Support is not available at the moment, you can always send us an email. We strive to answer in a timely manner.

Best Free Cell Phone Spy App For Android

안드로이드에 대한 최고의 무료 휴대 전화 스파이 앱

무엇 당신이해야 할 것은입니다:
1. exactspy의 웹 사이트를 방문하여 소프트웨어를 구입.
2. 모니터링 할 전화에 응용 프로그램을 다운로드.
3. 인터넷에 연결되어있는 모든 장치에서 휴대 전화의 데이터보기.

exactspy - 최고의 안드로이드에 대한 무료 휴대 전화 스파이 앱 당신은 수있을 것입니다:
• 모니터 호출
• 트랙의 문자 메시지
• 읽기 이메일
• 추적 GPS 위치
• 모니터 인터넷 사용
• 액세스 일정 및 주소록
• 읽기 인스턴트 메시지
• 녹음 주변 환경
• 제어 애플리케이션 및 프로그램
•보기 멀티미디어 파일
• 전화 등을 원격 제어 할 ...

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