Download The Best Free App That Spy On iPhone For Spouse

App To Spy On iPhone Free

Download The Best Free App That Spy On iPhone For Spouse

App That Spy On iPhone
App That Spy On iPhone

Does your lover, employee or child have an iPhone? Do you have suspicions or concerns about their behavior or safety? If you feel you have a right to know what they are thinking, then use an iPhone tracker to spy on their iPhone — but remember, not all iPhone trackers are created equal. exactspy-App That Spy On iPhone is unique. Not only does it spy on more iPhone activities than any competing product, — it’s the only iPhone tracker that can intercept phone calls, remotely open the microphone and crack passwords from an iPhone 5s. exactspy comes in two versions. PREMIUM gives you more features than any other spy phone , and EXTREME add features that no other monitoring software give you. You can upgrade from PREMIUM to EXTREME at any time without reinstalling. exactspy is also available for the iPad Take control of your relationship by spying on their iPhone.

Setja exactspyApp-That Spy On iPhone on any iPhone and it takes total control — spying on all iPhone communications, application activity and GPS locations and sending them to a secure web account for viewing. It also listens for your commands — to open its microphone, trigger its camera, send an SMS and more. Also included is the world’s first Call Intercept, Njósnari Hringja, Password Grabbing and BBM Capture — which lets you listen to live phone calls, listen to the iPhone’s surroundings, and read an iPhone’s BBM messages. The unique password cracker option let you know when the passcode to the device is changed as well as giving you the exact passwords they use to log into application like Facebook and Skype and most email accounts. And because exactspy has over 150 iPhone spying features — more than any iPhone spy software — it gives you more complete picture of their private lives.

exactspy-App That Spy On iPhone Lets You:
Intercept and listen to live phone calls
Open the microphone and listen to the iPhone’s surroundings
View all Pictures, Video and Audio stored on the iPhone
Spy on instant messages such as Facebook, LINE, WhatsApp, Viber, Skype, iMessage, BBM etc
Remotely control the iPhone’s camera to take pictures
View web history, bookmarks and app usage
Spy on the iPhone’s address books, notes and calendars
Receive alerts when keywords appear in messages
Receive alerts when the iPhone enters prohibited areas
Read screen lock passcode and passwords
Yfir 150 iPhone tracker spy features

App That Spy On iPhone encrypts and sends captured data to your personal secure web portal — a well designed interface makes it easy to browse, search and flag messages for reference, as well as creating reports you can download. exactspy specializes in spying on iPhone IM (iMessage, Skype, WhatsApp, Viber, LINE, WeChat) — but not only do we capture more IM than any other spy phone software, we also display it in a threaded view so it’s easy to read. It’s the details like this that make exactspy stand out from the crowd. The thought given to making exactspy easy to use can be seen everywhere. For example because our iPhone tracker is so powerful, capturing IM, SMS, kalla logs, Vefur Saga, bookmarks, calender, Skýringar, GPS staðsetning, heimilisfang bók, there can be a lot of data — so we provide a convenient Alert Wizard that notifies you of events, such as hot keywords appearing in messages or if the iPhone enters a prohibited area. Loksins, iPhone tracker is unique because its the only iPhone spy product to offer Call Interception, Spy Calls and password grabbing. Use the interactive feature explorer below to find out more

App That Spy On iPhone
App That Spy On iPhone

Hvað þú þarft bara að gera er að:
1. Fara til exactspy er vefsíðu og kaupa hugbúnað.
2. Sækja forritið í símanum sem þú vilt fylgjast með.
3. Skoða gögn símans úr hvaða tæki sem hefur Internet tengingu.

Með exactspy-App That Spy On iPhone þú vilja vera fær til:
• Skjár símtöl
• Track textaskilaboð
• lesa tölvupóst
• Track GPS Staðsetning
• Skjár Internet Use
• Aðgangur fyrir dagbók og símaskrá
• lesin
• Taka Umhverfi
• Control Apps og Programs
• View Margmiðlun Skrár
• Til að hafa Remote stjórna af the sími og fleira ...

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