How to use a mobile tracker for android apk free download


How to use a mobile tracker for android apk free download

How to use a mobile tracker for android apk free download

How to use a mobile tracker for android apk free download
The android ecosystem is filled with many apps that make our lives easy and interesting. We have a plethora of apps to contend with. We have apps for banking, browsing, messaging, transferring files, navigation, online vaults, fitness aids and many more. The Android operating system has a set of guiding parameters that each APK (Android application package) has to meet before it gets listed in the Google PlayStore. For those of you who are wondering what an APK is, it is nothing but the android app package that has to be installed to use the app.
Is there a need to have a mobile tracker android apk?
The need to have a mobile tracker installed in an android smartphone depends on the whether you believe there is a need to monitor somebody’s android smartphone. It is more of a need based requirement. If you have a kid or a vulnerable individual using a smartphone and are worried about sensitive information being transmitted from the device, then you should go for a mobile tracker android apk. This can also be to study the reason behind the sudden change in the behavior of a young kid – to find out if he or she has been subjected to bullying.

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Installing the mobile tracker apk for android
The mobile tracker apk acts like spyware, gathering information from the android smartphone in which it has been installed. The Google PlayStore terms compliance parameters would prevent any app from doing so. Hence, these apps would not be listed in the PlayStore. However, the good news is they can still be installed on your Android smartphone, by downloading the mobile tracker apk. To download the apk follow these simple steps:-
1. Make sure that the target android smartphone has an active internet connection; it can be either a WIFI connection or a data connection in the form of 3G or 4G.
2. Adjust the security settings of your mobile to allow installation from external sources other than the Play Store. This can be done by going to the Settings -> Security options in the android smartphone. If you are using a version of Android that is 5.0 or higher, you should also turn off the “Scan device for security threats” and “Improve harmful app detection” to ensure that this app works uninterrupted.
3. Then visit the website and download the mobile tracker android app called ExactSpy.
4. Download the app and install it. Once installed, you will be presented a button to register; go ahead and register. Also, click on “Hide Icon ExactSpy” to prevent the user of the installed android device from identifying this mobile tracker software.
Configuring the monitoring system
Once the app is installed in the target android smartphone, you have to configure the monitoring system by logging on to the Control Panel of the ExactSpy monitoring software. Happy Monitoring!
1. On another computer, or smartphone or tablet, log into the control panel ( from a browser.
2. Go to Settings > Sync Settings and choose the services you wish to monitor on the target device. Once this is done, you can log on to the control panel any time and view the information.
Now all you have to do to monitor the activities on the target android smartphone is to open in a browser and view the details.

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