Spy Mobile Video


Spy Mobile Video

ExactSpy-Spy Mobile Video

Spy Mobile Video

If your Target is an iPhone, Android and you want to see what videos they have on their phone and what videos they make then ExactSpy-Spy Mobile Video and its video capturing feature is for you.
See all video clips they take on their phone
See all video clips already on their phone
Access all their videos online from the comfort of your ExactSpy online account
Supports CGM, SVG, ODG, EPS, PDF, SWF, WMF, XPS, EMF, EMF+, EMZ, MP4, WMV, ASF, 3GP, 3G2, M4v, AVI file formats
30MB file size limit for rapid video file uploading

Why You Need To Spy on Their Videos
Everyone takes videos on their smartphone or tablet. ExactSpy-Spy Mobile Video capturing feature gives you direct access to these videos anytime you want directly from your ExactSpy online account. ExactSpy also captures videos on their phone both before and after ExactSpy was installed thanks to the historical media feature. Now you need never miss any vital videos on their phone thanks to ExactSpy.
Why will you find it useful?
If you are a parent, it’s your duty to curtail the menace of cyber threats your kids might face. What if they are making inappropriate videos and share them with their friends? Do you know that they might be used cyber-bullies? If you are a business owner, you definitely don’t want your employees to film confidential meetings behind your back. ExactSpy will let you keep track of every video stored on the target device, enabling you to identify any unwanted situation and put a stop to it.

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