Cell Phone Spy Call Recording


Cell Phone Spy Call Recording

ExactSpy-Cell Phone Spy Call Recording

Cell Phone Spy Call Recording

ExactSpy-Cell Phone Spy Call Recording is able to record both incoming and outgoing calls silently. All the recordings are encrypted on your device and encoded in MP3 file. The call recording file is uploaded using a secure channel to Exactspy server allowing you to listen it from your control panel. This Phone Call Recording files are encrypted using your user password so only you will be able to listen to them.
ExactSpy allows you to remotely record calls made from or received by your target device. If you need Spy Call Recorder or hack somone call recording, ExactSpy is best your choise.
With ExactSpy  you can record any call made to or from the Target phone.
Record all incoming and outgoing calls
Record call to or from specific contacts only
All recordings are uploaded to your online Dashboard
Download your recordings or listen directly from the Dashboard

Why You Need ExactSpy-Cell Phone Spy Call Recording
Are you worried who your teenage daughter is making plans with? Do you have employees you need to monitor? Perhaps your spouse is acting too suspicious, and you just can’t take it anymore. If you want to know exactly what’s being said on those calls when you’re not around, with ExactSpy now you can. Simply login to your ExactSpy Dashboard to either download or listen to any call made to or from your Target phone. You can also record calls with only specific contacts if you wish, and even receive an instant notice when one of these is connecting.
There are many instances when you may get suspicious of harmful or unwanted behavior at home or work. By recording calls with ExactSpy you will get the needed evidence to be able to confront the situation in a constructive way.
ExactSpy-Cell Phone Spy Call Recording gives you complete control over call recording on the target cell phone
Recording telephone calls makes sense for a number of reasons. There’s compliance, liability protection, training, monitoring, and voice of the customer feedback when recordings are paired with speech analytics software.

Why is this useful?
If you record all your calls you will be able to listen important data in the future, this recordings could be useful to prove some truth when someone is stalking you for instance.
Call Recording is using LAME to encode audio to MP3 files. LAME is a free open source software under LGPL license and you can find it here: www.mp3dev.org

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