How a mobile tracker app works free for iPhone


How A Mobile Tracker App Works Free For iPhone

How A Mobile Tracker App Works Free For iPhone

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iPhones manufactured by Apple Inc. have been a symbol of class, quality, and pride. It symbolizes a brand that is upmarket, uncompromising and exudes confidence in the product. Any iPhone user would be more than eager to flaunt this awesome piece of engineering. Though small in size, the iPhone brings the world to your pocket. It can make you look amazingly sophisticated. It also houses your deepest secrets and many sensitive informational chunks. The same is true with the device in the hands of your kids or employees. This gives you enough thought to ponder on. While these gadgets can be extremely useful, they can also be extremely destructive in an unsuspecting kid’s control or in the custody of an over-smart employee.
Do mobile tracker apps really work?
The answer is definitely “Yes”. The only challenge is finding the right one, something that is heavy on features and light on the pocket. There are a few mobile tracker apps that work and are free for iPhone. One among them is the Easy Spy. To install this mobile tracker app, your iPhone must be jail broken. If you see a Cydia icon or a springboard, it indicates that the device is already jail broken and is ready to accept the Easy Spy app. Else, you will have to first jail break it and then install this mobile tracker app. Once installed, this mobile tracker app for iPhone can track almost anything on the installed device – call logs, text messages, GPS location, Whatsapp chats, pictures stored on the devices and much more.

How a mobile tracker app works free for iPhone
How to download and install the mobile tracker app on iPhone?
You can install the app on a jail broken iPhone by these simple steps:-
1. In the targeted device find the Cydia icon on the springboard and launch it.
2. On the Cydia screen click on manage and then navigate to source. Edit it and add sources. After entering the URL, the sources will be verified and then updated. Wait till the process is completed and return to Cydia App by clicking on return to Cydia once the above process is completed successfully.
3. Once you have returned to the sources screen from the update screen, select exact spy to see the ExactSpy package.
4. To install it tap on the package and click on install. After clicking on install, click on complete to go ahead with the installation procedure. If during the procedure the device prompts you to restart springboard you need to enter the secret passcode i.e. #314* to bypass the screen. This default passcode can only be used for a short period of time when the ExactSpy icon is still present on the springboard. If you have hidden the icon, then you will not be able to use the passcode.
5. Then you will have to create an account in the target phone by signing up at the ExactSpy website.
Tracking the target iPhone using the mobile tracker app:-
To track the target iPhone from another device, follow these simple steps:-
1. Open a browser from the device and visit
2. Log in using the username and password created during signup to access the Control Panel.
3. On the top of the Control Panel screen, click the Settings menu and select Sync Settings. This will show a list of services that this mobile tracker app is capable of monitoring.
4. Select the functionality of the package you purchased and the services you wish to monitor.
5. Once done, at any point of time, you can just log on to this control panel and get the relevant information from the target iPhone.
This sums up how a mobile tracker works free for iPhone. Use this to explore the possibilities.

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